Rainbow Mechanical Dash, or called Rainbine for short, is a pegasus pony from Equestria. However, she became corrupted and merged souls with someone insane.

Out of all the Elements of Insanity, Rainbine has become the most insane. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants, no matter who she has to hurt or kill. She is allowed to carry tons of weapons on her, as the technology she has allows it.

Rainbine is half pony and half robotics. Everything is like her natural pony self except some extensions. The most noticeable one being her shotgun in place of a hoof. This makes it hard for Rainbine to walk, which leaves her to flying most of the time.

Rainbine talks alot, but seems to say many different sentences. She seems to get moodswings which makes the way she treats others vary. She can either treat someone like her best friend or (attempt to) kill them right away. She tends to laugh alot, no matter what the situation.

(Note from the page creator: This will always be a WIP, well, for a short while it will be.)